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Joe Biden’s granddaughters, Naomi, Natalie join Kaia Gerber to discuss the election

Kaia Gerber went into discourse with Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s granddaughters

By Web Desk
October 08, 2020

Fashion icon Kaia Gerber discussed the upcoming presidential election and the significance of staying focused on youth-related issues. 

The 19-year-old went into discourse with Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s granddaughters, Natalie and Naomi Biden during an Instagram Live session on Wednesday.

The model had asked Natalie, 16, and Naomi, 26, how the former vice president kept himself cognizant about the issues faced by the youth of America.

"I think that he actually hears us complaining about what we care about, whether it be climate change or student loans, or, like, health care and mental health,” responded Naomi.

"I think that has made him aware of what that conservation sounds like when it's being had between peers and not being fed to him,” she went on to add.

Natalie also chimed in, explaining how there was still a way teens under 18 could play a part in the elections even if they weren’t old enough to vote as of yet.

"I think it's so important to know the current events and what's going on—especially climate change, something that's going to affect my generation and the world younger than me so much more than the people in office right now,” Natalie said.

"I think we all have social media platforms, even if it's not a public Instagram, to inform people and let them know what we stand for,” she added.

Gerber also joined in, speaking about what was most important for her to see in a presidential candidate, adding that this was the first time she would be exercising her democratic right.

“I think, for me, it's mostly just feeling heard about a lot of the issues. I think climate change, as you were saying, Natalie, that isn't something that is going to directly affect the older generations who are in office,” she said.

“So to feel like they're still fighting for you and the younger generations—that's really important, because that's going to affect us and our children and their children. And it's something that just can't be ignored anymore,” she added.