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Ex-aide Awan left red-faced after Multan circuit house guard turns her away

PTI district president Khalid Javed Warriach and the deputy commissioner's phones were switched off when she called

May 10, 2020
Former adviser to prime minister on information and broadcasting, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan. The News/via

MULTAN: The guard of a government-owned residence — the Multan circuit house — turned away the former adviser to prime minister on information and broadcasting, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, when she requested accommodation for a night, leaving her red-faced, it has been learnt.

The former special adviser traveled from Karachi to Multan in a car, accompanied by her friends and a maid, and reached the city Saturday night. Upon arrival at the Multan circuit house — with 15,375 sq ft covered area — she explained that she was ex-adviser Firdous Ashiq Awan; however, the guard was not impressed by her introduction.

Dr Awan then demanded a room for a night stay, which the security officer refused as she was not holding any public office, and denied entertaining her. She then asked for a sehri meal but the circuit house refused again; she consequently sent her driver to the market to purchase a meal.

Meanwhile, Dr Awan exchanged hot words with the circuit house's lower staff and continuously tried to contact via phone the ruling PTI's district president, Khalid Javed Warriach, and deputy commissioner Amir Khatak but their cellphones were switched off.

When contacted by, Multan circuit house caretaker Naeem Changezi said there was no advance booking and that the lower staff was not authorised to allot a room to any person not holding a public office.

Changezi said when he reached the circuit house in the morning on Sunday, she had left for Lahore by car.