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Religious scholar Javed Ghamidi may return to Pakistan soon

Ghamidi says he plans on returning to Pakistan after finishing research in the United States

February 28, 2020
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, reformist scholar and popular television preacher. Photograph: Declan walsh

Religious scholar Javed Ahmad Ghamidi hinted at returning to Pakistan, saying that he had lived all his life in Pakistan hence he cannot stay away for long from his home, reported Geo News. 

Speaking to this correspondent at a reception hosted by Solicitor Advocate Moeen Khan and his wife at their residence in London, the religious scholar said he was working on a project which was the most important one of his life. 

Ghamidi said he was living in the United States for the past few years as  he had been teaching at the Centre of Islamic Learning. "I also will help there to build an institution of modern thoughts in America. This institution will also be a centre of learning for young people," he said.

“I am also doing research work on a project which is the last and the foremost important project of my life indeed," he added.

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi said that he will be in UK for tour of two weeks. The tour has been arranged on behalf of the UK branch of Al Moris UK. During this visit, Ghamadi, will deliver lectures in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. He also will meet some important scholars in UK.

Responding to a question, Javid Ghamadi said that he spent most of his life in Pakistan and cannot be away from his native country for too long. “I have to return Pakistan soon after completing research work in USA.” he said.

He urged upon every young member of the contemporary generation to do research work with a passion of true religious way of working. "Youth should do research for religion without narrow-mindedness, affiliation of their beliefs, emotions and political thoughts," he noted.

He further remarked that it was the need of the hour that all students and young people learn their religion under the modern techniques and according to norms and pattern of learning.

He said that the new generation, while keeping their own beliefs with them, needed to be a true student of religion. "It is their duty to represent themselves in the identity and structure of true shape of Islam," he added.