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Lahore police arrest man who beat up motorcyclist

Police raided the banker's residence but he had already fled his house

By Web Desk
December 15, 2019

LAHORE: Police on Sunday arrested a man who had beaten up a motorcyclist in the city. The video of the fight had gone viral on social media. 

Police traced Aqeel Mirza, the culprit, through his car’s number plate which could be seen in the video. Law enforcement officials said that Mirza is a manager at a private bank.

According to police, the incident occurred at Lahore’s Walton road.

Police raided the banker's residence but he had already fled his house after he saw the video of the assault on TV.

Law enforcement officials then traced the suspect through his mobile phone with the help of “latest technology”.

In his statement, Mirza said that motorcyclist had collided with his car which he had bought a few days earlier. Mirza said that he got angry after the accident which led him to beat the rider.

Mirza added that he took out his pistol after the motorcyclist misbehaved with him.

Police said they had recovered the pistol used in the incident and were now searching for the citizen who was assaulted by Mirza.

Police have clarified that they will trace the motorcyclist with help of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras by looking at his number plate. Police also said that they will register a case after the citizen is found.

Earlier today, a Twitter user had shared a video saying: “A rich man beats a poor driver with a pistol in Lahore.”

In the video a man travelling in an SUV had grabbed a shalwar kameez clad citizen and took him towards his car.

After opening his door, the man took out his pistol and pointed it at the motorcyclist. At the end of the video, the man can also be seen kicking the motorcyclist multiple times.