Thursday November 30, 2023

FIA called in after 10 Pakistanis give fake documents for Japanese visas: sources

Japanese consulate's police attaché and security chief in a letter to DG FIA said they received a tourist visa request from a Karachi resident

October 09, 2019
The News/Illustration

KARACHI: At least 10 Pakistani people submitted bogus documents to the Japanese consulate to obtain visas to Tokyo, sources at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said Tuesday.

The FIA, consequent to a written request from the police attaché and security chief of the Japanese consulate in Pakistan's southern port city, launched an investigation into the matter, which revealed clear proofs of forgery and inauthentic documents and led to the ongoing legal action.

In the Japanese consulate's letter to the director-general of the FIA in Islamabad, the police attaché and security chief had mentioned that they had received a tourist visa request from a resident of Karachi.

The citizen in question, it said, had attached documents reportedly stating that he was a sales executive at a medicine company, as well as details of six months' worth of transactions at a private bank.

The documents submitted to the consulate were declared fake after vetting by the Japanese consulate, subsequent to which it requested the FIA to come in and investigate further.

In addition, documents submitted by various other applicants were also vetted, according to the consulate's security in-charge, and turned out to be fake.

FIA sources further noted that the bank, which these various applicants claimed they transacted at, has termed the statements to be bogus. The human resources department of medicine company the Karachi resident mentioned in the application also declared the employment and experience certificates to be fake, the sources added.

FIA officials, the sources added, were apprising the Japanese consulate of the matter as of reporting time, which, once completed, would lead to cases being filed against the said individuals.