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Chinese agri model suits Pakistan to overcome poverty

the model has been helpful to reduce poverty and accelerate its agricultural modernization and has brought rapid development in the area of green farming, smart farming

November 25, 2018

JIANGSU: Country like Pakistan can achieve the most by learning from China's experience in poverty alleviation.  Pakistan can use the same model in their cities as Suqian city implmented to fight poverty and improve the standard of living ,said  Hai Shan , CEO of the gardening industry. 

He said that the  model  has been helpful to   reduce poverty and accelerate   its agricultural modernization and has brought rapid development in the area of green farming, smart farming, and contract farming. 

Suqian has promoted a smart integration of internet and local government provided facilities through Internet of things, which is a fast and efficient way of prosperity.

Before one decade, the city was fighting against poverty, then with the help of local government, the city started to sell their flowers and trees through online and now it is the fastest and largest economic growing city of Jiangsu province. All counties of this city sell its product through online and also provides online local farming plantation courses.

Shuyang county has planted trees and flowers on 34,666 hectares accounting for Jiangus’s one fifth and China’s one twentieth. More than 3000 varieties of flowers and trees with annual sale of this county more than 10 billion RMB last year has been logged.

The county has more than 40,000 online shops out of which 35,000 are trading flowers and trees, which is more than 70% of the total. Each minute 243 flower and tree parcels are delivered from this county. He further said that 280,000 rural labor force is engaged to flower deals.

He further said that the highest sales of one day were 300 hundred thousand RMB on eleven November which is biggest online shopping day in China. 

Suqian is the small city of Jiangsu province contained 5.91 million population, known as the land of flowers. The city is also the birthplace of Liu Qiangdong the founder of Jindong (JD), China second largest e-commerce network and the major competitor of Alibaba in China.