• Dhoom-3 sets new box office record

      December 25, 2013
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      KARACHI: ‘Dhoom-3’ starring Amir Khan has won great admiration and recognition not only in Pakistan and India but also in the whole world, especially in the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

      The number of its viewers is increasing with every passing day and the people are heading for cinemas to enjoy the movie in large numbers.

      The movie broke all records on the first day of its release. It has the credit of becoming the first movie that secured a ‘double century’ in world business in the shortest period of time.

      According to the latest reports, the movie has established its own record by earning more than Rs250 crore in the first four days of its release. ‘Dhoom-3’ has broken the record of movies of Shah Rukh Khan namely ‘Chennai Express’, ‘Aik Tha Tiger’ and ‘Crush-3’. These movies did business of Rs 100 crores in five days whereas the Dhoom-3 has crossed the revenue target in three days.

      Under the banner of Geo Films it has gained immense importance in every city of Pakistan and cinemagoers are continuously glued to it. Until now it has done business of more than Rs 8 crores. The young generation is attracted to the movie owing to its songs, dance scenes and methods, and other lovely scenes. Amir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra are main characters of the movie.

      This movie is being released in Morocco, Maldives, Rwanda, Egypt, Lebanon, Germany, Peru, Romania, Japan, Russia, Turkey and in several other countries.It is hoped that the movie will break more records when the cinemagoers will head for cinemas in holidays of Christmas and New Year.

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