• Imran asks Taliban to stop killing people

      April 28, 2013
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      LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, condemning a recent wave of terror attacks at the offices of political parties, especially in Karachi, has asked the Taliban to stop targeting people during elections and allow them to choose their future leaders.

      “I strongly condemn deadly attacks carried out by the Taliban in Karachi,” Imran said visiting newly rehabilitated Food Street located at the Fort Road late Saturday night. “I am also receiving life threats from terrorists and that’s why government has provided me the police escort,” Imran said who came to the food street for a dinner. A large number of party’s office-bearers, workers and supporters were also accompanying him.

      Talking to the media, PTI chief said he had never called PML-N’s chief Nawaz Sharif a jackal and it was wrongly associated with him. A confident-looking Khan said he was seeing a big change come as a result of May 11 polls. He declared that main contest of the PTI would be against the PML-N, adding Dr Yasmin Rashid, contesting against Nawaz Sharif, would produce good results on the polling day. Imran, focusing on education, said he would convert the Prime Minister House and Governor Houses, constructed on vast lands, into educational institutes to provide educational facilities to every youth of the country at equal levels.

      To a question, Imran replied that the youth are wise and would not become fool through laptops, solar panels, etc. “They will take laptops and (solar) panels from them (PML-N) but would vote for the PTI,” hoped PTI chief who has become a symbol of change especially for the majority of Pakistani youth. To a question, he said while the PML-N had done nothing extraordinary during its five-year tenure, what would it do now. He was of the view that the PML-N had disgraced the educated class of the country including students, teachers and doctors with baton-charges during protests in the last months. When asked to comment on one positive work of Nawaz party, he said Metro Bus Service could have been considered a good work, had people not been dying due to lack of clean drinking water, basic health facilities and other essential things.

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