• Extortion mafia becomes stronger in Karachi

      February 27, 2013
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      Senior journalist ‘killed on refusing to pay extortion’

      KARACHI: Extortion mafia has become so strong in Karachi that one cannot construct his house or buy a new car without giving them extortion money.

      The government and law enforcement agencies are also helpless before the mafia. Senior journalist Khushnood Ali Shaikh who died in a road accident on Monday also received a receipt of Rs1 million from the extortion mafia.

      The mafia has constantly been threatening him. The relatives of the deceased journalist are terming his death in a road accident as “target killing”. Recently, Khushnood built his house near Kamran Chowrangi in Gulistan-e-Johar and since then he has been receiving receipts of extortion money and threats. Resultantly, the journalist got himself transferred to Islamabad. However, he continuously received threats.

      Khushnood had come to Karachi these days and on Monday he came out of his car to purchase milk when a speeding vehicle ran him over. Eyewitnesses denied it was an accident and said that the car had deliberately hit him. According to the people living in Johar area, building a house in the area is an extremely difficult task as the owner of a house gets extortion receipt as soon as the construction work begins.

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