• TTP confirms death of Tariq Afridi

      February 23, 2013
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      PESHAWAR: The Pakistani Taliban finally confirmed on Friday that their top commander in the semi-autonomous Darra Adamkhel tribal region, Tariq Afridi, has been killed.

      The militants affiliated to the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) said unknown gunmen had shot and seriously injured Tariq Afridi four months ago in the mountainous Tirah valley of Khyber tribal region along the Afghan border.

      They said he died of the fatal injuries a few days ago. However, Pakistani security officials insisted that he had died four months ago but the militants wanted to keep it a secret.

      The Tariq Afridi-led TTP chapter in Darra Adamkhel had claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of a Polish geologist from Attock district along his driver and interpreter and later beheaded them after the government did not accept its demands to set free the jailed militants and pay ransom. The TTP spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan said they were working to find out the killers of Tariq Afridi.

      He said the TTP had appointed Omar Khalifa as the commander of militants for Darra Adamkhel region.Also, he said Maulvi Abu Bakar had been made regular commander of the Bajaur Taliban. He recalled that Maulvi Abu Bakar was earlier nominated as leader of the Bajaur Taliban after Maulvi Dadullah, the former Bajaur Taliban commander, died in a US drone attack in Kunar province of Afghanistan in August last year.

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