• Seven killed in S Waziristan drone attack

      February 09, 2013
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      WANA: Seven persons were killed and six others injured in a US drone attack in South Waziristan tribal region on Friday evening.

      Officials and tribal sources said the drone fired six missiles and pounded two separate mud-built houses in Babar area of Ladha subdivision in South Waziristan tribal region.Government officials said the area was mostly controlled by the militants and it was believed that those killed and injured were militants.

      There was no immediate information about the identity of the victims, but security officials said those killed were tribal militants affiliated with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), led by Hakimullah Mahsud.

      Tribal sources said the Babar area in South Waziristan was considered the stronghold of Pakistani Taliban.They said majority of the local population had fled their homes and villages in October 2009 after the Pakistani security forces launched a military operation against the militants there.