• Four killed in Mir Ali drone attack

      January 09, 2013
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      MIRANSHAH: Four persons were killed in a US drone attack in Hasukhel village of Mir Ali subdivision, North Waziristan, on Tuesday. However, international news agencies put the toll at eight.

      Official and tribal sources said the drones fired 11 missiles and pounded a two-room house early in the day.Local residents said three of the total 11 missiles fired from the drones on the house did not explode. The villagers said that four people were killed in the missile attack but there was no way to ascertain the identity or nationality of the mutilated bodies. According to sources, unknown people later arrived there and shifted the unexploded missiles to an unknown location. It has become quite a frequent practice now that some of the missiles fired by the unmanned US spy planes don’t explode mysteriously. In an earlier drone attack that took place in a nearby Haiderkhel village in the wee hours of Tuesday, five people were killed and three others injured when the drone fired six missiles hitting a mud-built house.

      Some media organisations reported that a foreign militant was among the slain people but there was no confirmation of this piece of information.Agencies add: Overall, US drone strike killed eight people, according to intelligence sources.

      A foreign tactical trainer for al-Qaeda was reportedly among those killed in the latest strike, although reports differed on his nationality. Some intelligence officials said he was from Somalia but others said he was from the United Arab Emirates. Three others were also injured in the attack. Al-Qaeda’s top strategist Abu Yahya al-Libi was killed nearby in a drone attack last year.

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