• DPC warns against giving MFN status to India

      December 17, 2012
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      LAHORE: Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC) organised a big rally to denounce the Pakistan People’s Party-led government’s decision of giving most-favoured nation (MFN) status to India, and condemning Indian role in dismemberment of Pakistan 41 years ago on this day, and New Delhi’s attempts to repeat the same by supporting separatist elements in Balochistan and Sindh.

      Led by Jamaatud Dawa (JD) Ameer Hafiz Saeed, the 25-party alliance leaders vowed to launch countrywide movement to muster public support against giving concessions to archrival India on the US dictation, and ignoring Indian conspiracies to disintegrate the country.

      Addressing the participants at the start of the Defence of Pakistan Caravan at Masjid-e-Shuhada and then its culmination at Wagah border, the DPS leaders asked the rulers not to ignore the will of the nation which considers India as an enemy and wants to take revenge for the Fall of Dhaka, water terrorism and genocide of Kashmiri Muslims. The rally members covered about 24 kilometres distance during the protest march.

      To repeat the history of East Pakistan, the speakers said, the enemy has opened training camps in Afghanistan and was supporting separatist movements in Balochistan and Sindh through large-scale terrorism and subversion.

      The DPC chairman and chief of his own faction of JUI Maulana Samiul Haq said the purpose of caravan was to give a clear message to the world community that the rulers were working against the will of the nation. He said the nation wanted to take revenge from India for its role in dismemberment of Pakistan. He said India has illegally occupied Kashmir and was involved in massacre of over a hundred thousand innocent Muslims in the Held Valley. He said the MFN status and trade with India was betrayal of the freedom struggle and blood of Kashmiri martyrs. He said India was hatching conspiracies with the support of the US and Israel for further division of Pakistan. He said the DPC would thwart nefarious designs of the enemy with the public support.

      Jamaatud Dawa Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said it was a pity that the rulers had forgotten the tragic day of December 16 when India separated east wing of Pakistan. He said the DPC would never allow conspiracies against ideological boundaries of Pakistan to succeed. He said after knowing that it could not defeat a nuclear power with military might, India wanted to financially cripple Pakistan through trade. He said MFN status to India without resolution of Kashmir issue was not acceptable for the nation.

      Referring to the government move of removing banners and hoarding of the DPC from Lahore roads, he said the rulers were not happy with the movement.

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