• PML-N to oppose any plot to delay polls: Nawaz

      July 27, 2012
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      LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif Thursday said his party would strongly oppose any conspiracy to delay the general elections for a year.Talking to a delegation of PML-Q local leaders from Multan who had joined the PML-N, he said the government’s confrontation with the judiciary would damage democracy.

      Nawaz said early and fair elections were the only solution to all crises being faced by the country. He said the PML-N had resolved the issue of a unanimous Chief Election Commissioner while remaining in the assembly and if his party had come out of assemblies, the Zardari government would have created a new crisis in the country by appointing its favourite CEC.

      He said the government had destroyed the economy of thecountry due to its inefficiency and incapability as a result of which loadshedding, inflation, unemployment and poverty had made lives of the people miserable. He said freedom, sovereignty, security and solidarity of a country having weak economy was always at stake. He said strong economy was vital for stability and solidarity of the country.

      The PML-N chief said the manifesto committee of the PML-N had evolved a comprehensive programme of energy, trade and education through which the country would be able to join the ranks of fastest progressing countries of Asia. He said lack of quality education and job opportunities was the most serious issue being faced by the youth of the country that could be resolved by bringing about an industrial revolution.

      He said in view of the agriculture economy of Pakistan, industries would be set up across the country so that rural areas could also benefit from progress and development. He said problems of the people had been aggravated by loadshedding in the holy month of Ramazan. He said the issues of loadshedding could be resolved in 48 hours if the government paid serious attention to it and curtailed its lavish expenditure.Nawaz Sharif said South Punjab would prove to be a bastion of the PML-N because the provincial government had initiated a large number of development projects in this region.

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