• Sindh awaits revival of two suspended trains

      March 18, 2012
      Print : Karachi


      Despite the demands of citizens and traders, two passenger trains – the Shah Latif Express and the Mehran Express – remain suspended. The suspension of these two trains only adds to the miseries of Sindh’s railway passengers, who are given only limited options in terms of inter-provincial railway travel.

      Many believed that, since the locomotives had recently received repairs, these two trains would be restored, which would act as a source of income for the ailing Pakistan Railways (PR).

      Both the trains used to operate between Karachi and Mirpurkhas, via Hyderabad, which is a major route for the passengers of Sindh. Many people have wondered why, if there were trains that ran between Rawalpindi and Lahore every two hours, such an arrangement couldn’t be made for the people of Sindh.

      “I have been to Punjab where several branch line trains operate. Why can’t this be the case here in Sindh? I demand the immediate restoration of the Shah Latif Express and Mehran Express,” said Faizan Siddiqui while talking to PPI.

      It is pertinent to mention that both trains were suspended on the pretext of a financial crisis in the department. However, many believe that since the economic condition of PR had recently improved, both trains should have been restored as this would benefit the passengers and also contribute in terms of capital to the department.

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