• Protest against Qadri sentence today

      October 07, 2011
      Print : Lahore

      RELIGIOUS parties are all set to observe countrywide shutter down strike on Friday (today), which was called against death sentence awarded to former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer s assassin Malik Mumtaz Qadri and to press for his early release.

      Major religious organizations will hold rallies, demonstrations and seminars all over the country and Azad Kashmir to highlight the issue of blasphemy and western conspiracy to immunize Muslims from this highly sensitive issue. Prayer leaders would highlight the issue of blasphemy in Friday sermons while demonstrations would be held after Friday congregations to condemn the death sentence to Qadri and the deliberate patronization of the moves of blasphemy by certain elements in the country.

      Country s top 40 religious parties, which have already launched a campaign for revoking the death sentence awarded by an anti terrorism court to Mumtaz Qadri on charges of killing Taseer on the alleged blasphemy of the Holy Prophet (SAW), claimed Thursday that the country s major trader organization had assured them of their cooperation in the strike call.

      A spokesman of Tehrik Tahaffuz Namoos Risalat (TNR), a group of about two dozen religious parties affiliated with all schools of thought, which is spearheading the campaign for Qadri claimed that all important business centres in the country would remained closed on Friday as a token of love for the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his honour.

      A TNR spokesman said the campaign would continue till the release of Qadri and elimination of the West-funded conspiracies by country s secular elements against the blasphemy laws.

      Various religious leaders have also stressed that the death sentence to Mumtaz Qadri was an threatening signal that the country was patronizing the blasphemers of the Holy Prophet (SAW) while the protectors of Prophet s honour were being punished with death, which was a clear violation of Pakistan s ideology and constitution.

      The TNR leaders have warned the government against creating hurdles in the strike call and the peaceful protests, saying that religious workers had been instructed to remain peaceful but if the government hindered the protests then the responsibility of entire resulting situation would be on rulers shoulders.

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