• Research work of NUST students acknowledged at Stanford

      July 26, 2011
      Print : Islamabad


      The Stanford University Linear Accelerator Centre (SLAC) has acknowledged the research work of two students of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), who are currently working on a joint project at the university by acknowledging it through a write-up published in the SLAC Magazine.

      Sadia Rehman and Amber Madeeha Zeb are pursuing their master’s degrees in Communications Systems at the NUST. They are the first females to join the SLAC as part of a joint project aimed at improving the country’s internet connections. A key feature of the project is sending two graduate students annually to the SLAC to work with PINGER Director Les Cottrell.

      The Nust students proceeded to the Stanford University for one-year research under the HEC sponsored PERN project being jointly pursued by NUST and SLAC. The significant contribution made by these researchers has brought home pride and honour.

      The story published in the magazine highlights the significant contribution made by the young researchers to the joint project. It stated that in past years, the Pakistani students have discovered that while their country’s backbone network was adequate, data communications was hampered by low-capacity links to the universities themselves. Zeb’s analysis recently determined that intermittent power outages are the biggest problems.

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