• Nigar Nazar shares her cartooning experience

      June 10, 2011
      Print : Islamabad


      As the name suggests, Kuch Khaas had some khaas guest on Thursday evening. The first woman cartoonist in the country and perhaps in the Muslim world, too, Nigar Nazar, of Gogi fame, turned up to share with the audience, mostly made up of adults, her telling yet witty work done over 40 years.

      Always wanting to highlight woman saying ‘No’ to bullying, exposing hypocrisy and braving difficult situations with smiles, the artist came up with a lively girlie character in 1971 to realise her keen desire.

      “From the very beginning, I had a female character on my mind. And that was finally born in the shape of Gogi on the pages of a Karachi art institute’s annual magazine,” she said.

      Nigar felt Gogi was often mistaken for a modern snob though she was a common woman, who spoke against male chauvinism, domestic violence, sexual advances and other social ills.

      According to her, a university student, in a thesis on her work, aptly described Gogi as the symbol of womanhood in Pakistan with all her adventures and escapades in daily life.

      The artist has so far contributed scores of cartoons to various publications, hospitals and public transport companies, besides authoring thirteen comic books, including animated Cartoon Qaida tutorial of Urdu alphabet, to the national and international acclaim.

      With four more comic books in the pipeline, she hinted at resuming contribution of cartoons to newspapers “very soon.” Of late, Nigar featured in a prestigious leather bound diary and desk calendar as “Icon 2010 of Pakistan” among 11 men by a production and print media company, Wateen.

      Also, her name was placed on top of a list prepared by the US Cartoonist Rights Network for those using cartoons in innovative ways.

      The artist later gave a short description of importance of art in human life, shed light on comic illustrations, and highlighted social issues through sketches.

      Some of her cartoons, Cartoon Qaida and Gogi Spots videos were shown to the audience with the help of a slide projector.

      Before the event ended, Gogy Muppet made an appearance to the delight of the participants.

      Clad in red and white polka-dotted shalwar kamiz, she shared her thoughts on people’s behaviours, education, gender and cleanliness. Colourful comic books prepared by Gogi Studios were also distributed among the participants.

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