• Experts say PNS Mehran attack was a big security lapse

      May 26, 2011
      Print : National

      ISLAMABAD: Defence analysts and former military generals believe that an immediate inquiry at highest level regarding involvement of any foreign hands in PNS Mehran attack and apprising the nation of the findings could reduce anxiety of the common people and could also reduce the gap created between armed forces and the depressed people.

      Different analysts admitted that the attack on PNS Mehran was a mega security lapse and failure and pressed for the need of a high-level inquiry to uncover the conspiracy.

      Lt Gen (R) Jamshaid Ayaz after saying that no doubt this was a mega security lapse and a failure of the security forces to defend the key navel base of the country added that one thing is 100 percent clear that the only beneficiary of this attack are the Indians. Some international conspirators may also be behind the motive of paralysing Pakistan’s surveillance capability from see-side. “But, please even then it was a mega failure of our history and while knowing that navel base could be attacked we were virtually sleeping,” Ayaz said, adding: “Even if there were foreign hands, it is responsibility of the armed forces to investigate and come up with solid proofs in this regard and tell the nation immediately as to who want to destabilise Pakistan.”

      General Ayaz said that neither any civilian inquiry into the PNS Mehran Navel Base incident will be fruitful nor any single force could be in a position to unfold this big conspiracy against Pakistan. “So I demand that an investigation committee on the level of ‘Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee’ should be made and it should complete its probe in minimum possible time.” He said that the whole nation was in great anguish and it will be in best interest of the country that the nation should be informed that who was involved in this conspiracy and attack on Pakistan.

      General Ayaz further said that revelation of findings of any such inquiry will defuse the people’s anger and the present confusing situation will improve as people will trust when inquiry will be conducted on such a high level.

      Lt Gen Talat Masood, a prominent defence analyst, told The News Pakistan has been failed in devising any national strategy on counter terrorism in last 10 years. He said that no legislation has been improved to counter terrorism, nothing has been done to improve law of evidence or to improve prosecution. For these reasons, during the last many years in a country like Pakistan hit by worst ever terrorism, not a single terrorist has been punished by law. He said that he believes that the operation was carried out by a merger of different lashkars in connivance with some people having ‘inside’ information. He said that talk of any American or Indian involvement was completely rubbish and nonsense. He said that those who are saying so are in state of self deception of highest order. General Talat said security of such important installations is needed to be modernised and be made fool-proof. He said that rationally even if some foreign hand was involved it is our national level failure of intelligence and security.

      “Whoever came to attack, whether he is a CIA or RAW agent or a Taliban, our security forces are supposed to compete them and save national assets from them,” he said, adding: “Now immediately an impartial, independent and professional inquiry should be done and the nation should be told about conspirators so the people’s trust into their forces could be restored.”

      Former Chief of Army Staff General (R) Mirza Aslam Baig told The News that simply few days back Indians recorded their protest with the US for giving these aircrafts (P3 Orion) to Pakistan as these have made Pakistan’s naval forces stronger than Indians and have disturbed the balance of power in the region. He said that he was sure Indians and some other foreign elements helped Pakistani Taliban in carrying out this big and successful attack. He said that armed forces should immediately conduced intense investigations and find out the responsible persons. “The nation should be informed as to who was behind this biggest ever attack on our installations.”

      Lt Gen Abdul Qadir Baloch also called for immediate investigations into the mega security failure and said that Taliban have carried out this attack. He said that the whole nation will have to come unanimous and vigilant to fight and confront these terrorists. Air Vice Marshal Shahzad Chaudhry said the incident was a successful attempt to tell the world that Pakistan’s security forces were unable and incapable to secure their strategic assets and until facts are not unfolded through high-level inquiry matters will further complicate.

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