• Clerks stage rally for 300pc raise

      May 13, 2011
      Print : Lahore


      The All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) staged a protest rally outside the Punjab Assembly on Thursday for implementation of recommendations of the pay and pension commission.

      Small processions from different government departments from various areas of the city joined the main rally, which was led by Muhammad Irshad and other leaders of the APCA. The protestors were chanting slogans against continuous price-hike, especially the increase in prices of petroleum products. The clerks also beat their chests as a token of protest.

      They also put the effigies of Fauzia Wahab and Abida Hussain on fire. The participants in the rally demanded 300 percent raise in their pay and allowances, otherwise, they warned, they would stage a sit-in in Islamabad on 28 May.

      On the occasion, the speakers said that they had presented their demands in front of the government, which should immediately implement the recommendation of pay and pension committee prepared last year. The government must issue a notification regarding increase in salaries of all government servants according to the rate of inflation i.e. 300 percent.

      “If our demands are not fulfilled, then the clerks from across the country will hold a sit-in in front of Parliament House on May 28”, they warned.

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