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Hamza Sharif now Poultry King of Punjab

April 21, 2011
ISLAMABAD: Hamza Shahbaz has ventured into the businesses of poultry, dairy farm and poultry feed in a big way after textile, sugar, steel and trading, his declaration of assets and liabilities filed with the Election Commission of Pakistan for the year ending on June 2010 shows, writes Tariq Butt.
Those in the business that Hamza has started describe him as “king of poultry feed” in Punjab. He has the largest investment in the poultry feed as is evident from his statement.
An unsecured loan of Rs500,814 has been shown in Hamza’s declaration against the name of his father Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.
Hamza’s assets swelled by just Rs583,191 compared to what he had declared in 2008. Now, he has estimated his net assets at Rs211,080,295 as against Rs210,497,104 two years back. The value of his wife’s assets remains the same at Rs2,500,000.
Hamza, who had run the Sharif family’s business in hard times when it was in exile in Saudi Arabia, has shown investments valuing Rs116,198,850 in fourteen companies. But he owns no house, no car.
Their details are: shares valuing Rs6,238,850 in Chaudhry Sugar Mills; Rs1160,000 in Ramzan Sugar Mills; Rs1,162,000 in Hamza Spinning Mills; Rs3,443,000 in Muhammad Bakhsh Textile Mills; Rs50,000 in Kalsoom Textile Mills; Rs3,030,000 in Hudabiya Paper Mills; Rs875,000 in Hudabiya Engineering; Rs100,000 in Khalid Siraj Industries; Rs10,000 in Madni Trading (Pvt) Limited; Rs10,000 in Madina Construction Company; Rs100,000,000 in Sharif Feed Mills; Rs10,000 in Sharif Poultry Farms; Rs10,000 in Sharif Dairy Farms and Rs100,000 in Ramzan Energy Limited.
Hamza has an amount of Rs3,720,976 as cash in hand and a bank balance of Rs6,512,578. He owes seven unsecured loans of a total of Rs92,227,028. They are Rs1,000,000, Rs500,814; Rs588,735; Rs73,019,279; Rs6,000,000; Rs5,246,600 and Rs5,871,600 in the names of Mrs Shamim Akhtar, Shahbaz Sharif, Mrs Javeria Ali, Sharif Feed Mills, Sharif Poultry Farms, Madni Trading Company and Madina Construction Company respectively.
The declaration put the total value of assets at Rs214,938,456. After deducting a liability of Rs3,858,161 of Ramzan Sugar Mills, the net wealth comes Rs211,080,295. His wife’s assets include 50 tolas of jewellery valuing Rs900,000, cash and prize bonds of Rs1,000,000, and furniture, fittings and articles of personal use of Rs500,000.