• CDA finally makes inroads into Malpur

      January 14, 2011
      Print : Islamabad


      After passage of almost half a century, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) eventually managed to make inroads into Malpur, a village, and its adjoining area, spread over 2,000 acres, acquired by it way back in 1960, when it took over possession of a couple of portions of land measuring around 300 kanals on Thursday.

      CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi told ‘The News’ that the possession of 300 kanals of land has been taken over by the CDA. “Now the CDA Environment Wing and Enforcement Wing are busy in establishing their checkposts and marking the acquired land to prevent any encroachment in future,” he said.

      “We have planned to maintain its green character and in fact we are going to develop this part of the acquired land into a woodland soon,” he stated.

      Clarifying issues raised quite frequently by the media as well as public about the CDA’s acquired land in and around Malpur village, the CDA chairman said that in the early 1960s the civic body acquired a total of 75,000 acres of land for developing the federal capital.

      “Out of these 75,000 acres, the CDA has already acquired and developed around 55,000 acres of land. The total area of Malpur village, which was acquired and compensations were paid by the CDA, was 5,000 acres, out of which 3,000 acres has already been taken over and developed by the CDA, including those falling under the Quaid-i-Azam University, a part of the Diplomatic Enclave, the Lake View Park as well as the part under the Murree Highway,” he said.

      “An area measuring around 2,000 acres still remains under adverse possession, which includes the main Malpur village and other small settlements inhabited by the local people as well as the area in Banigala,” he said.

      He said that now the CDA has taken over possession of another 300 kanals of land on Thursday on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. “The process of taking over possession of land went smoothly and the local people, including the brothers of a senator, extended full cooperation to the CDA,” he said.

      He told ‘The News’ that the CDA was working on developing a model village in Malpur as well to accommodate the local residents of the area in a planned and well-organised manner as has been done in other parts of the federal capital.

      “Once the model village will be finalised, the local residents of Malpur as well as those inhibiting the scattered settlements would be accommodated there and the possession of the remaining part of the already acquired land would be taken over by the CDA,” he said.

      In addition to this, the CDA chairman added, a big piece of land in Malpur was in the control of the Ministry of Environment, which would develop a forestry park there.

      He said that the possession of the remaining part of the already acquired land by the CDA, which is scattered all over the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in pockets, would also be gradually taken over and developed in accordance with the plan.

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