• Forces launch search amid curfew in Swat villages

      November 22, 2010
      Print : Peshawar

      MINGORA: The security forces gathered thousands of villagers in a school and a hospital and kept them there for several hours before launching a search operation in Shokhdarra and Chapriyal villages of Matta tehsil in Swat on Sunday, local sources said.

      The sources said the security forces made announcements from the local mosques and asked the residents to gather at the hospital and school in Chapriyal and Shokhdarra and then launched search operation in the two villages amid curfew.

      The security forces, the sources said, took the action on a tip off that some militants were present in the area and were preparing to attack the troops. The forces carried out body search of people before allowing them to enter the buildings of the school and hospital and kept them there for several hours.

      It may be mentioned that curfew had been enforced in the area for the last nine days and the residents of Chapriyal, Shokhdarra and Gowalerai were confined to their homes.

      According to independent sources, residents of Biha, Chapriyal, Shokhdarra, Roringar, Gowalerai, Garhi, Bulkarai, Nalkot and adjoining villages of Matta tehsil were now considering to shift to other places because of the persistent curfew imposed by the security forces in their area.

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