• FAS holds fundraiser for flood-hit people

      November 11, 2010
      Print : Islamabad


      Doing their bit for the people in distress, the Floral Art Society, Islamabad chapter, is holding a national demonstration, ‘Thru the Language of Flowers’ of the beautiful art of arranging flowers today (Thursday) to raise funds for flood victims.

      The demonstration, which is aimed at giving pleasure to the aesthetic minded will take place at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) and be open to the public, as it is in aid of victims of the floods, which ravaged the country a couple of months ago. The display of the various arrangements made by the members of the society will remain open for public viewing the whole day.

      Thirty-five years ago, in Karachi, a group of talented ladies got together to lay the foundations of the Floral Art Society (FAS). A simple coffee morning was transformed to a form of expressive art. Gradually, as the word spread, more friends showed interest and the arrangements were seen and admired by art lovers. Members’ increased, new ideas were brought in and the society started taking shape. Exhibitions were arranged and competitions held, which were much appreciated and became an event to look forward to.

      So, in 1970, the Karachi Floral Art Society was formally formed. The society aims to promote national and international goodwill and understanding through the promotion of floral art and to hold exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and seminars to encourage the love and use of flowers creatively. In 1976 a new dimension was added in the form of arranging flowers for a cause. It was decided to donate the proceeds of the show to a deserving charity.

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