• MQM cannot tolerate other

      October 18, 2010
      Print : Karachi


      The People’s Amn Committee on Sunday said seven of its workers were killed in different areas of the city in the last two days.

      The committee spokesman, Zafar Baloch, said their activists were targeted in Kharader, Garden, Baldia, Zaman and Orangi Town.

      Baloch rejected the allegations by the MQM that their workers had been involved in targeted killings in the metropolis.

      He said that the MQM should first determine who their “enemy” was as they (MQM) frequently levelled allegations against the Sunni Tehrik, the ANP, the MQM-H, the Tehrik Taliban Pakistan, the banned religious outfits, the security agencies, gang-war, the home minister of Sindh and the People’s Amn Committee.

      Zafar Baloch said the MQM had had political motives behind levelling these allegations as they wanted to trap the government.

      He alleged that the MQM did not want any other political party in the city, and when they had been in power in the previous government, they tried to gain control of Lyari.

      When they failed to do so, they started patronising the gang war in Lyari, alleged the spokesman.

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