• Rootsians pledge to end poverty

      September 21, 2010
      Print : Islamabad


      The students of Roots School System here on Monday vowed to eradicate poverty calling upon the policy makers and non-governmental organisation to play their vital role to achieve the objective. ‘Poverty is an Emergency: stand up, speak out and take Action’ was the theme of the poverty eradication campaign held at Roots School System (RSS) nation wide. The main goals of the campaign were to raise awareness of and response to poverty as a major developmental issue.

      To commemorate International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2010, Rootsians recognised the role of Roots School System in helping fellows who are making real and sufficient progress towards highlighting this serious issue of poverty. To raise the awareness of poverty and have updated reports UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Review Summit has suggested celebrating the day from 17th -19th September 2010 worldwide. Roots School System took this opportunity to raise awareness of their groundbreaking approaches and relentless commitment to creating a more just knowledge about a prosperous world for all.

      The purpose to celebrate this day was to create awareness regarding poverty and to eradicate poverty and destitution worldwide.

      In order to express commonality and solidarity with the poor, students observed International Poverty Day in full spirit against the sufferers. The school assembly started with a read out speech on the state of poverty in the world and in Pakistan and how we can end poverty.

      Later, the children were given chance to speak up on poverty eradication. Children used medium of drama to show poverty evil. A classroom was shown where students along with their teacher were sitting while a boy was dusting the class, says a statement issued by the school here today. Students were given chance to ‘Stand Up and Speak Out’ about their views, reviews, suggestions or any thing they feel should be conveyed regarding poverty.

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