• Looming operation

      September 02, 2010
      Print : Peshawar

      KALAYA: The security forces have ordered residents of several villages in central tehsil of Orakzai Agency to vacate their houses by September 3 ahead of a possible military operation against the militants.

      Tribal sources said Wednesday the residents of Kasha, Saiful Darra, Shakar Tangi, Zafar Garhi and other areas surrounding Ghiljo had been asked to shift to safer places within the next two days. However, the government as usual has not made any arrangements to shift and settle the new wave of displaced people.

      The authorities have yet to resume the registration process of the displaced persons from Orakzai Agency that was stopped halfway earlier. According to unauthenticated statistics, more than 45,000 tribesmen were displaced from the lower and upper tehsils of Orakzai Agency when the military operation against the militants was launched in the area by the end of March this year.

      Meanwhile, search and clearance operation continued in upper tehsil of Orakzai Agency and the houses of 25 militants were torched, official sources said. The security forces also recovered arms and explosives during the search operation, the sources added, and consolidated their positions in the Mashari Top area in Ghiljo.

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