Punjab has becomes safe haven for criminals: PTI

December 08, 2015

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab Organiser Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar has released a“White Paper” on the worst ever law and order alleging Punjab has become criminals’ “safe haven”.
Some 657,518 crime cases have been reported during the last two years and in Lahore, the capital city, the police-population ratio stands at one policeman for 2,000 people, while over 6,000 policemen were giving security to VIPs across the provincial metropolis, said the white-paper.
The residents of Punjab are most vulnerable to thieves, dacoits and criminals.
The white-paper says as many as 9,112 murder cases have been registered with the Punjab police, while some 4,753 cases of women and child molestation have been reported.
In around 30,654 dacoity incidents, people were deprived of cash and valuables worth over billions. The white-paper says police have completely failed in dispensing justice to the innocent because it was conniving with influential and people were ultimately getting justice from courts. As high as 440 police encounters were reported, while most of them were fake encounters and the relatives of the victims were running from pillar to post to get justice.
The incumbent government’s tall claim of changing the “thana culture” has emerged as a fraud. The white-paper’s fact sheet issued by Chaudhary Sarwar also stated that the Punjab Police’s own website was admitting that law and order had deteriorated in the province and life and property of people were not safe. This speaks volumes of government’s failure. Chaudhary Sarwar said police record showed that some 4,753 women and children molestation cases including gang rape cases were reported. He said number of gang-rape cases had reached 522, while in almost 60 percent cases assailants were neither arrested or any action was taken against them. Chaudhary Sarwar has also stated in the white-paper that it was the responsibility of police to protect the life and property of the people, but police too (along with the rulers) have failed to perform their duties. In Punjab, he said 30,654 dacoity incidents occurred, some 29,586 people were injured in life attempts and other criminal cases besides 9,112 cases of murdering men and women were registered.
It further stated that the number of life-attempt cases stood at 10,547. The white- paper also reported the figures of different criminal activities including 22,778 dacoities, 3,257 car thefts, and 32,026 other vehicles thefts as well as snatching of vehicles during 9,566 dacoities. As many as 23,548 kidnap, 165 kidnap for ransom, 4,753 molestation cases against women and children, 522gang-rapes, 30,654 dacoities and 10,772 cases of animals theft were reported from Punjab. The white- paper also says fake police encounters have become a routine and reports that 440 police ecounters were reported during the current year, while 335 people were killed during police encounters during last year. The white-paper says some 6,000 policemen from Lahore police operation wing are performing VIPs’ security duties.

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