KP minister criticised for delay in salary payment to employees

By Our Correspondent
October 03, 2022

MARDAN: Central general secretary of All Pakistan Clerks Association (Apca) Auranzeb Kashmiri has criticised the provincial Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Jhagra for stopping the payment for government employees’ salaries and pensions due to a technical issue.

Talking to the media, Aurangzeb Kashmiri said that the province was facing a financial crisis while the provincial finance minister was telling a lie. He argued that there was no money for salaries and pensions for the government employees with the provincial government.

He added that on the other hand, the government has passed the bill to increase the salaries of the ministers and advisors and the salaries of the employees were forcibly cut for their luxury in the guise of the flood victims, which is great cruelty.

He added that the salaries must be paid to the employees by October 4, otherwise protest demonstrations would be announced in front of the district accounts offices across the province on October 5.

Aurangzeb Kashmiri said the provincial government had not yet paid money to the National Bank of Pakistan because the province suffered from financial issues and there is no money in the treasury even for salaries.