Protest against inflation

September 29, 2022

Rawalpindi : ‘Naanbais’ and citizens of Rawalpindi protested and blocked roads against increasing inflation, POL prices, inflated electricity and natural gas bills.

The protesters demanded to consider all public related issues rather to fight for political issues.

The protesters appealed Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice on present situation in the country.

‘Naanbais’ in their speeches said, “Our 30 per cent sale has affected due to high prices of ‘roti’ and ‘naan.” If we further increased the prices of ‘roti’ and ‘naan’, public will show a strong resistance against us, they said. But, government is continuously increasing prices of ‘Atta’ and other necessary items. Government is also increasing the rates of electricity and gas and how we could survive in this uncertain situation, the protesters said. Last time, ‘Naanbais’ had increased prices of ‘roti’, ‘naan’ and ‘kulcha’ at their own without the notification of concerned authorities. Punjab government has increased the prices of ‘atta’ from Rs7,200 to Rs8,500. Government has also increased the prices of LPG cylinder from Rs12,000 to Rs15,000.

Muthidda Naanbias Welfare Association (MNWA) President Muhammad Shafiq Qureshi during his speech said that Punjab government has again increased the prices of ‘atta’ bags. "If government decreases the prices of ‘Atta’, we will sell 'roti' and 'naan' on the same old prices, "he said. “Otherwise we will lockdown Rawalpindi city regularly” he warned.