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‘IT to help reduce unemployment gap’

By Our Correspondent
September 29, 2022

Islamabad : President Dr Arif Alvi highlighted the potential of the digital industry, the advantages of Google Career Certificates for youth, and the opportunities provided by scholarships in the wake of Google's announcement of Career Certificates in Pakistan and 15,000 scholarships.

In a message, the president said the digital courses organised by Google and the Institute of Rural Management would enable Pakistani youth to enter growing sectors like the cyberspace world, cyber security world, communication tech, or blockchain.

He added that the initiative would anchor Pakistan towards the digital technology that has revolutionized the world. The president pointed out that the IT sector could help reduce the unemployment gap as it has a high demand for talented individuals. He congratulated Google and the Institute of Rural Management on the endeavour that would also lead women to play a vital part in the economy.

Regarding the effect on business operations, Dr Alvi said that youngsters could offer their expertise on a global scale resulting in a quick pace and efficient functions of businesses.

He encouraged the youth to participate and learn from the Google courses, which, he said, can help them scale up their careers.