Toll rises to five as two more victims of water tank explosion die

By Our Correspondent
September 23, 2022

Two brothers who were wounded in an explosion in an underground water tank at a house in an area in District Korangi three says ago succumbed to their injuries at hospital on Thursday, bringing the death toll to five.

The deceased brothers were identified as 22-year-old Abdullah and 18-year-old Abu Siddiq, sons of Rafiq. Doctors are trying to save the lives of four more injured persons admitted to the burns ward of the Civil Hospital Karachi.

Of the nine injured persons, three women — 18-year-old Sadia, 18-year-old Nadia and five-year-old Hajra — and two men have passed away since Monday when the blast occurred in the water tank at a house in the 100-Qaurters area.

The explosion, which police said occurred due to the filling of gas in the water tank, was so powerful that it damaged the structure of the property and some vehicles parked there. After the incident, rescuers and police took the casulties to the hospital.