Natasha Noorani and Nadir Shahzad set to release new song

September 11, 2022

Pakistan is home to some of the most exciting digital record labels. One such label is Cape Monze Records, who have accomplished quite a bit since formation.A Karachi-based indie and electronic...

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akistan is home to some of the most exciting digital record labels. One such label is Cape Monze Records, who have accomplished quite a bit since formation.

A Karachi-based indie and electronic label, their most recent release is scheduled to drop on September 13 & is a song called ‘Bojh’ ft. Nadir Shahzad Khan and Natasha Noorani.

The song, produced by Nadir Shahzad, has bass and drums by Rahail Siddiqui, additional guitar by Ahsan Minhas, vocal and harmonies by Natasha Noorani, mixing by Haniya Aslam and mastered by Justin Gray. Nadir has also written the lyrics, and is behind guitar harmonies, as well as synth.

The single is a gorgeous rock piece but one that has elements of funk, synth and pop and is unlike previous songs from Nadir’s work with Lussun TV and Sikandar Ka Mandar.

Of course, at first it sounds ambiguous, but as you listen, a narrative begins to build. As Nadir sings, “Tasveeron Main Huun/Gaano Mein Hai Tu” and as Natasha sings about climbing mountains, and who will take responsibility for burdens that come with it, the song is a conversation that is straightforward yet clever.

The bass on the song is particularly groovy and the production is sharp and clever without losing an organic edge.

Both artists, Nadir Shahzad and Natasha Noorani, have many accomplishments under their respective belts. But this well-produced song is a sign that Nadir Shahzad is returning to music as a solo artist after being an integral member of the Karachi indie music scene as part of Sikandar Ka Mandar. As he collaborates with another equally brilliant solo artist whose repertoire includes fantastic songs, EP and collaborations, this is the real emergence of Nadir, who always tries to challenge mindsets. Meanwhile, Natasha - who blew us away with her last song with Hasan Raheem, ‘Faltu Pyar’ - shows another layer to her musical ideas with ‘Bojh’. We can’t wait to hear her upcoming EP.

As for the record label, this one is special.

In a press statement, accompanying the song, Cape Monze Records reflected on its busy months.

“Earlier this May, as part of a British Council grant along with Chalo HQ in the UK we brought Boiler Room to Pakistan along with Producers & DJ’s Ahadadream, Manara & Nabihah Iqbal to conduct workshops and play a mini-tour in Karachi and Lahore in May for a project called ‘Bridging The Gap’ a cross-cultural skills exchange.”

Since starting out nearly a year ago, Cape Monze Records has released music by Kukido, Shorbanoor x Alien Panda Jury, Nadir Shahzad (‘Atomy Event’), Tollcrane, Misbah, Honeyjamn x Nadir Shahzad and Tarbooze.

The upcoming song from Cape Monze Records will be their 12th release. Watch out for this song; it is sublime, and isn’t pandering to the mainstream but stays true to the musical identity both artists have forged over the years.

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