BEAUTY STATION! Get it right with Beenish Parvez

August 14, 2022

The hair and makeup artist shares some trending beauty looks perfect for the summer.

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elebrity beauty artist Beenish Parvez is known for creating gorgeous hair and makeup looks. The list of her clients includes Laal Kabootar actress Mansha Pasha, as well as the very talented and versatile Ushna Shah and Navin Waqar, among many others.

Beenish started off with hairstyling as she was passionate about experimenting with different haircuts, colours, and styles. However, she transitioned into makeup after almost four years as she realized that hair and makeup go hand in hand. According to the expert, it is essential to understand the latest beauty trends and to track them carefully.

When it comes to beauty, we all want to discover makeup and stylish hair trends that are fit for special occasions, especially in the summer. So, if you want to make a statement, it is important to ensure that everything, especially on the beauty front, is flawless. As far as trending makeup and hair looks are concerned, fret not, as beauty expert Beenish Parvez has you covered.

It’s hot, it’s happening

Summer is all about colourful eye makeup and classy hairstyles! Talking about eye makeup looks that are trending this season, Beenish reveals, “These days different eyeliner hues are in vogue and colourful eye shadows look absolutely stunning. There is nothing trendier than adding some colour to your eyelids.” You can go for bright pink, lime green, or pretty purple. Sweeping a colour on the eyes adds oomph to your overall look and simultaneously defines your eyes. As for how one should style their hair when the weather is hot and humid, the beautician says that the most elegant hairstyle is tying your hair in a high bun. “It is quick and easy to style and looks amazing whether you wear eastern or western outfits. You can go for a messy hairdo and leave a few strands lose in the front, giving a face-framing effect. If you are still in your early 20s, go for a sleek high ponytail.”

Festive makeup looks

With the wedding season fast approaching, Beenish Parvez also shares two of the most trending makeup looks. “The no-makeup look with gold, shimmery eye shadow, and false lashes is in demand these days. Make sure you don’t go overboard with long, dramatic lashes, and steer clear of eyeliner.” She continues, “Moreover, keep the foundation/base very light and natural. In this hot and humid weather, especially for outdoor weddings, going for a very caked look is not a good idea. Nowadays, women opt for waterweight foundations even when getting ready for a wedding or festive occasion.”

The expert advises applying a light layer of the base, contouring the face and if the outfit is red or fuchsia, a matching lip colour will complement the shimmery gold eye look. “If you don’t want to go for a bold lipstick, then you can swipe on an earthy tone or a light pink on your lips.”

Another look is to smudge your water-based eyeliner or apply a dark brown eyeshadow all over your lids and add some glimmering – gold or bronze – eyeshadow to the center of the lid. Apply lots of volumizing mascara if fake lashes are not your thing and complete your look with a nude or pale pink lip colour and gloss. “These two looks are trending these days and you can easily try them at home. Don’t forget to apply peach or pink blush-on to add some colour to your cheeks,” she shares.

Perfect haircuts and colours

The summer season, according to Beenish, is the perfect time to go for caramel hair tones or add blonde highlights. “In my opinion, dark hair colours don’t look that flattering when the weather is hot. A cooler hue like honey browns and ashy caramels look amazing. As for formal occasions and weddings, getting double highlights from the same colour palette not only adds dimension but also enhances the texture of your hair,” elaborates the beautician.

On which haircuts are in this summer, Beenish shares, “Short haircuts aren’t so popular in our part of the world and women specifically grow their hair for a special occasion. However, one-length hair is quite popular these days, mostly shoulder-length with curtain bangs.” Moreover, layers never seem to go out of style. The expert suggests going for layers because blowdries, beachy waves, and curls don’t look great if your hair is of equal length. “A great haircut can make or break your look, and I think layers are the best option,” she concludes.

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