Prince Harry ‘knows he’s living a lie’ with ‘fame-grabbing’ Meghan Markle

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August 11, 2022

Meghan Markle is under fire for ‘forcing’ Prince Harry into US life with her ‘fame hungry’ dreams

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Experts believe ‘fame hungry’ Meghan Markle is forcing Prince Harry to live a lie.

This revelation has been made by an inside source close to Us Weekly.

The source began by accusing Meghan of being “utterly power and fame hungry”.

While Prince Harry seems to have “wanted to start over and live a quieter life in Montecito away from the cameras.”

“Meghan is all about fame and money. This isn't what he signed up for – it's as if he's living a lie.”

This claim comes shortly after Prince Harry received backlash over his UN speech and a separate insider also broke the silence and explained that Prince Harry is currently “begging Meghan Markle to return to England but she won't budge.”

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