Mehsud tribe to support Jamaat-e-Islami in local govt elections

By Our Correspondent
August 09, 2022

Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi chief Hafiz Naeemur Rahman has said that after his party’s success in the upcoming local government elections, the JI will work for the development and prosperity of the city. He advised the nation to reject those who create divisions in the name of ethnicity and caste.

He said that those who talk about the 18th amendment and powers should tell the nation why the roads that were built with the funds of the members of the National Assembly were washed away in the rains.

Right now the political chessboard is being laid out in the country but no one cares about Karachi, he lamented. “Now the people of Karachi also know not to follow such people who have been exploiting the city for years.”

The JI leader expressed these views while addressing a reception held in his honour by the elders of the Mehsud tribe. He said that it is evident from Karachi’s history that the JI has always served the city, placing it on the right path of glory and progress. It would be in the best interest of the 30 million people of Karachi to vote and support the party in the local government elections, he stressed.

On the occasion, the tribal elders announced their support for the JI in the upcoming LG polls. Thanking the tribal elders, Rehman said people should shape the destiny of the city with the power of the vote, and make the JI successful on August 28.

He said that when Mehsuds fell victim to target killings in Karachi and to the operations against terrorists, only the JI had formed a Jirga at its Idara Noor-e-Haq to voice concerns against the operations. No lawmaker had raised his voice at that time, he added.

Tribal elders Haji Qayoum Khan, head of the dumpers association, Haji Maqsood Khan, Naseedullah Khan, Haji Zahoor Advocate and others also addressed the reception, and assured their support for the JI in the LG elections. They said the JI is the only political party that can solve Karachi’s problems.