Muslim committee in India says no more brides allowed in mosques

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August 06, 2022

Muslim bride makes news after entering mosque for her own wedding but local Muslim committee does not appreciate the act

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KERALA: A few days ago a Muslim bride made news after she entered a mosque for her own wedding and according to many, started a new trend.

While the family of the bride and groom believed they were setting a trend, it was not appreciated by the Paleri-Parakkadavu Mahal Committee who announced on Friday that the bride entering the mosque was unacceptable, OP India reported.

The committee apologised for the accident and vowed that such a mistake would not be repeated.

Mahal committee is the local Islamic organisation that supposedly takes care of the Muslim community in the area and the administration of the mosque.

Parakkadav Juma Masjid in Kozhikode, Kerala, allowed a native to bring his daughter to the mosque for the wedding.

Bahja Dalila married Fahad Qasim on July 30.

The Committee said that senior authorities were not consulted before granting the family permission to allow the woman inside.

They said that the bride had violated the norms not only by entering the mosque but also by taking pictures.

The groom's uncle said that he was surprised by the committee's decision. He said that they thought that allowing the bride inside was a progressive step.

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