ONLINE THERAPY: Candle in the Wind

August 07, 2022

Candles are the new home decor accessory that’s fast giving rise to multiple labels in the age of a pandemic, available both online and in stores. Among them is Jugnu, a candle brand coming out of Karachi. Here’s why it is worth your time.

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f throw pillows featuring anything from pop art to original designs have been must-have items, especially for those interested in home design and interior, another home accessory that has also risen is the candle. If you go on social media – Instagram in particular – you will realise this fact very quickly.

But like everything else, the trend of candles for your home, once restricted to names like Karachi Candle Company, has given rise to not one but several names, stocking at different spaces and available online or cash on delivery.

In recent weeks, Meesha Shafi endorsed Honey, I’m Home candles, and we agree, since each of their candles is special, particularly Moonlight Meadows (Night Blooming Jasmine) which brings the beautiful scent of raat ki rani. Since the rise of Honey, I’m Home candles and after trying many other brands, the crown belonged to Honey, I’m Home.

But as we came across the brand Jugnu (jugnucandle) on Instagram, we found our dedicated purchase of Honey I’m Home was being challenged.

Let’s get some facts first. They deliver across Pakistan and stock, for a personal experience, at a number of places, including pithpk, ensemblehomepk, springspk, objectpk1, and floccoffee.

The candles are made in Pakistan with a 100 percent natural soy wax blend, according to Jugnu. The brand describes its product as “premium retro-inspired soy candles”, and when it comes to anything retro, we’re game. There are other good candle brands but Jugnu has tapped into memory and nostalgia and pop art.

For instance, they have a series of collections named after famous Pakistani songs. And each candle also tells you what scent such a candle contains. You can find a ‘Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar’ labelled candle (named after the trailblazing song from the Strings’ second album, Strings Volume II) which will last 20 hours, offering notes of sandalwood and cherry blossom. Strings have called it off as a band after more than three decades but this song will always be a pioneering pop song at a time when pop music was emerging many moons ago in Pakistan.

Sar Kiye’ is one example. Another is a candle called ‘Albela Rahi’ offering the scent of cranberry woods. These candles include extensive details of the scent that is described below the title so you have an idea of what the actual scent will be like. Another major pop song also made the cut from the pioneering group Vital Signs. Named after the song ‘Sanwali Saloni Mehbooba’, this particular candle falls under the scent of freshly brewed coffee with clear definition of other ingredients given as well.

Once you find their Instagram page, rest assured it will be hard to move onto others. Plus these are pop art candles, so even when you run out of the wax and the wick is done, you can keep the jar as a collector’s item. Endorsing a candle depends on what the scent would be like because out of the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch), smell is, according to research, the strongest sense, and given that, if you want to drown the smell of monsoon leakage, floods, or smells that trigger some form of trauma, try out Jugnu. Our favourite songs, wrapped in organic candles, as a scent is a pretty good anti-trigger.

They have a huge collection of candles, with varied smells so you can order just one and try it and see if you like it. And when the wallet allows, get another one.

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