“Every design is my unique creation!” – Nabiha Yousuf

June 26, 2022

We caught up with the creative force and founder behind Moushe, a jewelry brand that recently made its way to Pakistan.

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nna Wintour, Vogue’s editor in chief, once said, “Jewelry is the most uplifting thing a woman can own,” and this statement definitely holds true. When it comes to jewelry, it is all about rhythm and fluidity that captures the essence and sensuality of a woman. There are a few timeless and classic jewelry pieces that every jewelry box should contain. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t invest in statement pieces that uplift your personality and add oomph to your overall look.

Designing exquisite ornaments is undoubtedly not an easy task; there are a lot of complexities involved while creating them. However, Nabiha Yousuf is one such jewelry designer who has a penchant for creating gorgeous designs that will make a statement. She is the brains behind Moushe, a sustainable jewelry brand based in London with roots in Pakistan. Earlier this month, the jewelry brand made its way across the globe and launched in Pakistan.

Having completed her education in Canada and Europe and getting married to a British Iranian, Nabiha has been delightfully exposed to different cultures and various art forms. And that’s what inspired her to articulate out-of-the-box jewelry ideas. According to the talented designer, her intrinsic creative core, combined with her business background, allowed Nabiha to express herself through her jewelry pieces. Talking about her design inspiration, she shares, “Inspired by art and nature’s perfection, my execution style evolves with my need to perfect the creations I set my heart and mind to.” She adds, “It’s the limitless scope of research and development possible in jewelry designing that continues to inspire me.”

So how did she venture into jewelry designing? The designer reveals that stepping out of her comfort zone to conceive and develop new concepts while exploring the possibilities in anything within the realm of creativity truly excites her. “Being able to combine that with my love for fashion accessories such as shoes, handbags, and jewelry is where I find the most joy. I think, personal style is about wearing any accessory in a way to make it your own, not allowing your accessories to wear you,” she adds.

For Nabiha, creating jewelry was an inevitable route to take. “The sole purpose of jewelry is to beautify one’s appearance or the best way to express love. I believe jewelry is a celebration of love in every form, and all forms of love begin with self-love. Hence, I delved deep into the multi-layered, detailed universe of jewelry and started exploring the century-old gold jewelry market of my native city, Karachi,” she explains.

As for when she launched her brand Moushe, the designer shares that her jewelry brand was launched in the UK in June 2021. And exactly one year later, she launched the brand in Pakistan. In such a short span, they have successfully launched five collections - Bee My Honey, Moushe Love, Serpentine, Celestial Dreams, and their signature collection, the Wheel of Fortune.

What sets Moushe apart from other jewelry brands is its sustainability factor and the fact that each design is handcrafted and made to order. “Every design is my unique creation. The process begins with a sketch, which is then created graphically and later produced in wax. Moreover, Moushe stands on five strong pillars – individuality, playfulness, femininity, luxury, and mindfulness. This makes our jewelry brand stand out from the crowd,” she elaborates. Moushe proposes unorthodox jewelry for the modern individual, created exclusively for those who want to make an impact the moment they walk into the room.

Moreover, she claims that once she started gaining a better understanding of the design and creation process, her inspiration grew from there. Nabiha started experimenting with concepts, taking inspiration from simple mechanical tools such as nuts and bolts. The designer then toyed with the idea of customizability but in a different direction altogether, unlike the existing run-of-the-mill ideas of engraving jewelry to make it stand out.

When it comes to sustainability, they ensure avoiding excess wastage of material, energy, and manpower as they only custom make their own designs. Apart from that, each Moushe piece can be worn in multiple styles, and then there is the packaging that is up-cycled and recyclable. The brand uses only paper, and the boxes are handmade as well.

As far as the future plans are concerned, currently Moushe is an e-commerce brand available across over 25 countries, however, they plan to open physical stores in the foreseeable future. And we can’t be more excited.

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