PTI ‘Long March’ likely to impact exams in Islamabad

Our Correspondent
May 24, 2022

Most private educational institutions are located in sectors H-8, H-9, H-10 and H-11 alongside the Srinagar Highway

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Students listen to their teacher during a lesson at the Islamabad College for girls in Islamabad, Pakistan. -The News/file

Islamabad: Though the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has announced an anti-government march on Islamabad tomorrow (Wednesday), the regulators for public and private sector schools in the federal capital have yet to decide about the ongoing annual exams.

While resenting that 'indecision', parents have suggested virtual exams over fears of violence. As announced by the PTI, its activists and supporters will march on the Srinagar Highway to demand the immediate dissolution of the National Assembly and the date for early elections in the country and will stay in Islamabad until the demands are met.

Most private educational institutions are located in sectors H-8, H-9, H-10 and H-11 alongside the highway, which starts at Murree Road (Kashmir Chowk) and ends near Tarnol towards Peshawar.

Muhammad Kamaluddin, a government official from the G-11/4 area, told 'The News' that his two sons were enrolled in an H-11 school and were currently sitting the annual exams.

He said since the PTI's Azadi March to be held on the Srinagar Highway, he was unlikely to take his sons to school on Wednesday first because of blockades or diversions and second due to fears of violence.

The resident demanded of the education regulators to clear confusion about the ongoing annual exams to the relief of parents, who, he said, were worried about both the education and life of their children.

Jehan Ara, a mother of four, also complained about the failure of authorities to take a decision about exams ahead of the PTI's imminent long march on Islamabad and said it showed the poor state of affairs at the education as well as interior minister.

She ruled out the possibility of the continuation of in-person school exams in light of the volatile situation in the country in general and in the city in particular and said just like COVID-19 pandemic days, exams should be held online to the relief of students, especially minors.

The Federal Directorate of Education, the regulator for government schools in Islamabad, has already declared summer holidays in primary schools from May 16 due to a heatwave.

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