Donald Blome nominated new US ambassador to Pakistan

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October 20, 2021

A career diplomat, Donald Blome is currently serving as the US ambassador in Tunisia

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US Ambassador to Tunisia Donald Blome. Photo: US embassy in Tunisia.

US President Joe Biden has picked career diplomat Donald Blome to be the new US ambassador to Pakistan, according to an update from The White House Wednesday.

A career diplomat, Blome is currently serving as the US ambassador in Tunisia.

The move by Washington comes at a time when it has to deal with a volatile Afghanistan, brimming with unrest after the US forces withdrew from the country on August 31 and the Taliban took over the country in mid-July.

Tunisia, where Blome has worked as ambassador since 2019, is an important diplomatic outpost for the United States in North Africa, representing interests beyond the country's borders, including in neighbouring Libya.

The ambassadorial position requires Senate confirmation.

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