Dalljiet Kaur wishes to raise her son against strict gender roles

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October 19, 2021

Dalljiet Kaur wishes to raise her child right

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Dalljiet Kaur wishes to raise her son against strict gender roles

Actress Dalljiet Kaur talked about her journey as a single mother and stressed on the need to raise her child in the best way possible as she sat for an interview with a publication.

Dalljiet has a son Jaydon who was just a few months old when she faced a traumatic separation.

Opening up about her son, “I would have Jaydon accompany me to the TV show sets.Those were the most testing times of my life. I felt guilt for not being around him for longer but I had to do what I had to do for our future. They say children are always watching, and learning. I believe these experiences have changed the way I parent now. I know he’s always watching. When I’m working, he understands I’m doing this for us.”

The Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega actress added, “I want my son to learn that women go to work too and men can cook too. I’ve got pink shirts for him, a kitchen set, and does many things we expect only girls to do. Often we hear about parents of a girl child talking about how they want to teach their daughters self defence to protect themselves. It breaks my heart into a million pieces. This is why I want to raise my son right. I sometimes fail, I make mistakes, but if there is one thing I want to do right in my life, it is to raise him right, that will be my only win.”

She signed off by saying, “I am his mother but I am also myself before everyone else. If he can love me and learn to respect me, I am sure he will grow up to do the same with other women.”

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