People say bad things to seek attention: Kubra Khan

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September 25, 2021

Kubra Khan opened up about how internet trolls affect her

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People say bad things to seek attention: Kubra Khan

During an interview with a magazine, Pakistani actor Kubra Khan expressed her thoughts on the negativity on social media.

The Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay actor said, "People don't think actors can be sensitive human beings but we are, because we empathize so much with people [to play them] we are very sensitive. If we see one bad comment in a thousand good comments, we will take it to heart. A lot of people say such bad things for attention seeking as well.”

She shared, "My mother always says, especially because she saw me hit my lowest because of comments, you don't hear praise in a sea of criticism and likewise you don't hear critique in a sea of praise. So just make sure you have your priorities clear. If you want a sea of praise, then one bad comment here or there doesn't matter. As long as you're okay with your work. You haven't done anything wrong and your conscious is clear then just relax.”

Khan recalled, "I struggled with bad comments online throughout [my career so far] but funnily enough it hit me at very random times. There was this one time when Grenfell Tower in London had burned down. This was 2017. I posted a picture of that and said prayers for all the deceased. After that the kind of stuff people wrote underneath the post; you're a nonbeliever, go back to the UK, drop dead.”

The actor added, "I was like what did I do? All I said was prayers and peace. But people were like they were goray, why did you write that for them. Recently when Dilip Kumar passed away, some people were like you can't say rest in peace for a Hindu. First of all, he was not a Hindu. Secondly, you can say prayers for anyone. I will say prayers for a dog if I want to. What's anyone's problem?”

"If you really want to follow Islam before anything else, it's all about showing peace and kindness. Do this first and let's lecture people later on. I'm no one to lecture anybody on Islam at all. I'm just saying peace and kindness is very important,” she concluded.

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