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July 25, 2021

Islamabad may appear quiet to the untrained eye, but has a thriving food scene. The next time you're in the capital,make sure to try out some local favourite spots.

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If you’re going out to eat with friends but all of you have strikingly different tastes,Two Broke Engineers is your go-to. With a variety of cuisines on the menu, Two Broke Engineers serves up lip-smackingly flavorful food and is a favorite with those who prefer spicier food.
Karachi’s Pan-Asian favorite Chop Chop Wok opened its doors to Islamabad last year. You can indulge in building your own bowl, some great sushi, and satisfying soups at Chop Chop Wok!
Asian Wok is the place for families and large gatherings if you love Chinese cuisine. From chowmien to soups to different kinds of curries, they have everything, and in generous servings too.
What A Paratha! brings you a variety of filled parathas. It’s a must-try place for breakfast. The chicken cheese tikka and Nutella parathas are especially exceptional.
Chikachino: street food served in a fancy setting. Highly recommended for friends to play board games, enjoy a cup of chai and comfort food together. Their Chai With Fries platter is the perfect combo for an evening munch.
The famous Jessie’s, owned by the Jaswal brothers is one of Islamabad’s favorite burger joints. The food is great. The place is great. It’s a little pricey, but the taste makes it worth it, and the mozzarella sticks make the best starter for a tasty meal.
Cake makes everything better! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the perfect place to wind down with a slice of cake and chamomile tea, or to treat yourself to a yummy caramel latte.
Islamabad’s favorite place: Burning Brownie. The one place where Islamabadis know they will bump into a familiar face every time. Famous for its desserts, if you’re a fan of meetha, you have to pay Burning Brownie a visit! The cheesecake is a must-try.
Gas station markets are hardly known for the food or drink they serve up, but if you’re on the road and thirsty, try the slush at the F-7 Shell station store. It’s hands-down the most refreshing summer drink and is pretty to look at. You’ll have a variety of flavors to choose from, like green apple, lychee, strawberry, blueberry and many more.

Manolo Gelato is the place to be if you love ice creams and sorbets made with fresh ingredients. Give one of their berry concoctions a try the next time you’re in town!

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