Insensitive rulers

January 03,2016

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Ten-month-old Bisma lost her life because she failed to reach a hospital in time. It was terrible to see her father desperately rushing the child in his arms to the hospital. But it was too late for her. Bisma has fallen prey to the elitism and feudalism prevailing in this country. It was none other than Bilawal Bhutto Zardari – chairperson of the PPP – who was scheduled to inaugurate a trauma centre for the benefit of the downtrodden at the said hospital.

As a result, all access to the hospital was blocked so that the scion of Zardaris and Bhuttos could perform the ceremony in complete safety and security. Later on, one of the PPP ministers had the audacity to say that the life of Bilawal was very dear to them – as if common Pakistanis were expendable. How can the PPP claim to be a party of the masses with this kind of attitude? The fact is that the PPP is dominated by feudal lords and elites and the wellbeing of people matters little for them.

Air Cdre (r) Mohammad Yaqoob Khan



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