Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick apologises on social media over Cups song

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March 06, 2021

Anna Kendrick was quick to say sorry when a social media user said her Pitch Perfect song 'Cup (When I'm Gone)' caused inconvenience

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American singer Anna Kendrick’s runaway hit “Cups (When I’m Gone)" in the Pitch Perfect trilogy will carry you along on its happy waves as you watch it play.

The enthralling beat of the song in the Pitch Perfect film series engages the listeners. But, it is not the case with everyone as writer and podcast host Ellory Smith said on Twitter that it was because of the “Cups” song that they had to ban empty cups then while she was working as a camp counsellor.

Reacting to Smith’s tweet, Anna Kendrick could come up with nothing but a short and an earnest apology on Twitter. The 35-year-old singer simply said she is "so so sorry."

The song was an instant click that went everywhere, including commercials, television shows, social media, radio, and whatnots. So much so that everyone tried to replicate Kendrick’s scene on social media.

Watch Anna Kendrick's "Cup" song "When I'm Gone" here:

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