Painting exhibition ‘Onrushing-4’ launched

November 28, 2020

Islamabad : An interesting show titled 'Onrushing-4’ launched at Gallery 6 on Friday. The artists are 12 outstanding participants of the Arjumand Painting Award 2017 and 2019; they include...

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Islamabad : An interesting show titled 'Onrushing-4’ launched at Gallery 6 on Friday. The artists are 12 outstanding participants of the Arjumand Painting Award 2017 and 2019; they include four prizewinners also. The show is being launched online only due to surge in Covid-19 cases.

Abid Aslam's artworks are made by mixing miniature and metal engraving. He engraves on wasli with different tools that give the 3D and 2D effect. The work revolves around patterns, which creates imagery when seen from a distance.

Sana Nezam's paintings highlight the resemblance between nature and human interactions. She has been inspired by bougainvillea plants; it fascinates her how they turn some of their leaves pink or white to attract more insects for pollination. She feels that in some way, we all are some sorts of bougainvilleas who are trying to turn their flaws into flowers so that more and more people can love, admire and accept us.

Tauqir Baig has specialised in communication design. paintings, and drawings on large scale has become his passion since 2015. He expresses emotions with bold lines and suggestive details that draw the viewer into confabulate moments.

Tayyeb Munawar's work is centered around non-representational abstraction. His primary interest lies in exploring skewed perspectives that depict one or more prominent significant forms. His work is directed towards exploring diversity in abstraction through portraiture.

Naqsh Raj's ongoing work is a union of mechanical and manual methods of painting; repeating a mundane technique for imprint making with human hands is the symbolism in her imagery.

Abdul Aziz Meer sees his work as an extension of his being. His artworks have distorted figures as if they are fossilized human forms. Using his miniature skills, he adds depth and visual intricacies to the artwork through the techniques of Siah Qalam and Neem Rang.

Asghar Ali is drawn to sketch landscapes and portraits. Art for him is pure emotion and he finds himself obsessed with human portraits conveying a state of feelings. His motto has always been 'tend to details,' but he consciously leaves the parts incomplete to make it look like the work is in process. He links it to the process of metamorphosis that describes the journey of constant change and progress.

Amna Manzoor's work is about the conditioning that happens in life under a harsh social milieu, which often leaves a permanent mark on personality. In her paintings, the threads show entangling of a person in the thorns of unexpected environment, flowers with thorns represent pleasure with pain, while silk threads reflect the delicate yet strong love that requires sacrifice.

Nadia Batool's work is inspired by the regional architecture of her hometown, Quetta. She creates interesting housing landscapes in miniatures on wasli; she does not only paint the houses but builds them too.

Muhammad Sulaman's artwork focuses on clothes with multiple meanings while Mariam Ansari's work is about self-reflection. Each painting describes a different emotional state that was experienced during the struggle towards self-discovery and acceptance, in an effort to connect with the core. Imran Haider's paintings present the 'products of culture' and evoke their environmental relationships with man-made forms, materials, and processes in symbolic ways.

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