Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Pakistan visit: The global significance

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October 15, 2019

Successful visit of royal couple would go a long way towards improving perception of Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: The ongoing visit of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton to Pakistan holds global significance as the country attempts to take centre stage in world politics.

The five-day excursion of the royal couple is ‘the most complex tour undertaken by The Duke and Duchess to date, given the logistical and security considerations’, the Kensington Palace said in the statement announcing the visit.

“Their Royal Highnesses will also spend time understanding the complex security picture in Pakistan. They will learn more about the challenges and opportunities, both of the past and today. The UK has been a key partner for Pakistan,” it added.

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Pakistan is currently intensely involved in global affairs and security discussions with the world powers including the United States. President Donald Trump requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to media between the US and Iran.

Separately, on his own initiative, PM Imran is on a mission to reduce tension in the Gulf region. On Sunday, he met with Iranian leadership and today will leave for Saudi Arabia to hold discussions with Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

The Royal visit to South Asian country is seen with raised eyebrows in India as New Delhi has historically made efforts to isolate Pakistan at the international level, and this successful visit would go a long way at improving the Pakistani perception on the global stage.

Nirupama Subramanian, a senior Indian journalist and an influential commentator on National Affairs, explained the importance of UK royals visiting Pakistan when the FATF is mulling over the performance report on the steps taken by Islamabad to curb money laundering and terror financing.

Commenting on video of PM Imran welcoming Prince William and Kate Middleton at the PM Office, she said “Days before FATF is to decide if Pakistan has kept anti-terror promises, & Indian media/natsec establishment is already ballistic with demand for blacklisting, here's the PakPM receiving British royal couple WillKat, on a 5-day visit. Isolation, anyone?”

India is advocating strongly to get Pakistan blacklisted by the FATF but these efforts now seem gone to waste.

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