Imran a risk for country’s solidarity, says Hamza

June 25,2019

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LAHORE: Terming Prime Minister Imran Khan a risk for the country’s solidarity, Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz has warned the rulers to avoid inviting people’s wrath.

Addressing the media at a reception hosted by him in honour of the Punjab Assembly press gallery at PA Cafeteria on Monday, Hamza said Imran Khan had pushed the country towards a point of no return and predicted that the ‘judgment day’ for this government was nearing. He said that during the last 10 months of this government, the Pakistani rupee faced the worst devaluation against dollar. He said the days of miseries for the nation were not going to end under Imran Khan’s government as in the coming days, even the worse situation was expected.

Slamming the government for its failure over the diplomatic front, he said that in the PML-N era, Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi not only visited Pakistan but also accepted that mutual relationship between the two sides should be based on the principle of equality. On the other hand, he said the present prime minister sent three requests to Modi to hold a meeting but the latter was not giving time to him.

Hamza said under the PTI government, the country’s exports suffered a decline by 52pc whereas threat of ‘grey list’ was constantly looming on Pakistan. He said the nation was still waiting the PM to fulfill the pledges he made to people while standing on the container before the polls. He asked Imran Khan to tell the nation where were those five million houses for the homeless and where were those billions of jobs he promised for the unemployed people of Pakistan.

He said the PM was trying to become a dictator and in the name of accountability, he was busy targeting political rivals. He warned that any harm done to Nawaz Sharif’s life in custody would be a severe blow for this nation which would never let Imran Khan escape.

Responding to a question about the differences in the Sharif family and a different narrative of Maryam Nawaz and PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif over the Charter of Economy, he said the family was as united as ever and that all the decisions were made through mutual consultation between Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. He said any effort to create rifts within the family would never succeed.


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