Are you a good or bad citizen?

June 17,2019

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A country is as good, or bad, as its citizens make it. No Government can take action on all aspects of behavior - only its citizens can, individually or collectively. Here is a simple self examination complied by a psychiatrist to find out whether you are a good or bad citizen! (Thanks to social media)

— If you usually put more sugar in your tea when in a hotel than you do at home, you're likely to be corrupt.

— If you use more tissue to wipe your hands in a public place than you do at home, you are a potential thief. Given the opportunity you would take what's not yours.

— If you serve yourself more food that you can finish just because someone else is paying the bill, you're greedy.

— If you usually jump queues, you have potential for abusing office if given a powerful position.

— If you usually overlap while in a traffic jam or have no regard for traffic lights, then you would easily embezzle public funds if you're given a position at a public office since you hate regulation.

— If you channel waste water from your compound to a neighbour's compound or rather than manage it, you're ill-mannered.

If you look at this quiz and wonder whether it was really necessary to talk about these issues then you are dishonest and you would easily cover up ills in society for your own benefit!

Be honest. Did you pass or fail?


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